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NOTE: the most economical way to buy the print book "Pruning the Fourth Branch" is to buy more than one copy at a time, or to combine it with one or several other books to qualify for special FREE shipping offers from Amazon. The eBook, of course, has no shipping costs. I show a few other books and items here that you might be interested in; but any other books from Amazon can be used to qualify for the shipping deals.


If you prefer to go to Amazon to browse through many more items, click HERE.


"Pruning..." is also available in eBook versions for Amazon's Kindle or Barnes & Noble's Nook. or for the Kobo book readers.


Think about "Pruning the Fourth Branch" as a Christmas gift for friends. Order enough to give to everyone you know who cares about our liberty and our country.


Order Signed Copies for all the members of your club or political organization, or just for yourself. Free shipping for orders of 2 or more books. Contact us: HERE.


Signed Copies:
Book - $15 (we pay the sales tax, if applicable)
plus S/H - $5
2 Books or more, Free S/H


Schools and libraries, please contact us for any quantity. Click HERE.


If you plan to have Al Lee speak to your group, be sure to tell us how many people and we will bring enough copies for everyone. The price will be the regular price and Al will sign books for eveyone who wants a signed copy. Go HERE to contact us to discuss it.


To pay for any items using PayPal (to al @ magec.com), please click "Buy Now" for a single copy of Pruning or click "Add to Cart" for multiple copies with free shipping: Official PayPal Seal

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NOTE: If you see a status of "Temporarily Out of Stock" or "Out of Print" on Amazon for my book, it simply means that there might be a delay of about one extra day or so before your book ships. Go ahead and order as many as you like. Books are printed automatically by Amazon as needed, so they are never actually "out of stock". The interruptions are caused by our uploading minor corrections to the book from time to time.


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