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A Message from Al

We now urge you to vote straight-ticket Republican in November. Donald Trump was not our first choice; but he is far and away a better choice than the Democrat. VOTE!
Al Lee, author of Pruning the Fourth Branch

Thank you for visiting our website. PLEASE SHARE IT WITH FRIENDS . Please let me tell you a little about myself, and why I wrote the book, "Pruning the Fourth Branch".

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I am a United States Air Force Vietnam Era veteran, who served as a Titan II Missile Technician. I have been actively supporting pro-Constitution political candidates and causes since Ronald Reagan and even ran for office myself (unsuccessfully). I have committed myself to addressing what I think is one of the biggest problems we have in America--one that threatens to destroy our liberty and our country.


Please ask yourself three simple questions:

  • Do you believe that the government imposes regulations for your benefit or for its benefit?
  • Do you think that the rules and regulations from our government are making America more or less competitive in the world?
  • Do you feel more or less secure as you become more dependent on the government?

Pruning the Fourth Branch by Al Lee is a plan to reform administrative law and curb government regulations


♦ The Book

I believe America is under attack from its own government. I believe that the chief weapon used is rules and regulations issued by unelected bureaucrats. I believe that the law that empowers these bureaucrats is unconstitutional and must be reformed. And I believe that if we are armed with the necessary information and if we are committed to this reform movement, we will prevail. That is why I wrote this book. I hope you will read it. I intended to make the book easy to read and inexpensive so that it might reach the largest possible audience. If you choose the eBook version, the cost is even lower. Please do read it!


I think that you will find a lot of interesting information in the book. I became involved in this issue while I was a candidate for office. In the beginning I believed, like most candidates seem to believe, that we must fight against this or that ridiculous and harmful government regulation. Then I learned how many regulations our government can and does put out each year and I realized that we can never win that way. We will certainly succeed one-by-one defeating them; but new ones will pop up a hundred times faster than we can beat them down. That realization set me onto a path to determine the source of the problem. The regulations are merely a symptom!


Incidentally, if you think, as I once did, that electing constitutional conservative politicians will fix the problem, you must read this book. I will prove that that is not enough and explain why. We must implement the reforms promoted in this book as well as elect better people to office.

Al Lee for Texas Railroad Commission 2012 visits Texas' most modern Electric Generating plant
Al Lee visiting a state-of-the-art power plant



An example of how the Federal Government's regulation machine can wreak massive harm to our country and to each of us individually is in the energy industry. The Keystone XL pipeline should be built with construction starting as quickly as possible. Ad-hoc regulatory decisions that are not even supported by law are stopping it. This costs every one of us dollars at the gas pump and, even more importantly, forces us to continue buying oil from Venezuela, an unfriendly dictatorship.


Also, Natural gas is abundant and cheap in America and we ought to be expanding its use for electric production using Combinded Cycle generation, and to power vehicles. Natural gas is an American resource, and actually has a higher octane rating than gasoline. Federal regulations regarding methane are used to attack our gas drilling and capture processes.


Gas prices have doubled because of bad regulations
We pay for it

♦ Abusive Regulation

Tens of thousands of unnecessary regulations from Washington are crippling our most critical industries in America. I believe that these regulations are the front-line weaponry in a war against Capitalism and Liberty.


You and I pay the cost of these regulations every day. It is in the price of our gasoline, which has doubled in the past three years. It is in the unemployment rate with 23 million American out of work or under-employed. It is in the price of food, clothing, and in the outrageous cost of public education that fails our children miserably.


And we pay with blood for the unrestrained actions of out-of-control federal agencies like BATF and the disastrous Fast and Furious scheme that has cost hundreds of lives in both the US and Mexico. We must ask: How did these federal agencies acquire the power to do all these things?


We must understand the cause of the Federal regulation problem and have a plan to address it effectively. This book explains the problem and how it happened so that we can understand how we can correct it. It is a call to action.


Short Statement


Short statement on need to reform Administrative Law.


The Three Letters


This speech was given while I was a candidate for Congress; but I think if you watch it, you will understand that I think it is still very important. So, I decided to include it on this website.



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